Introducing: "The Optimized Business"

FREE: Get a custom plan to 2X your revenue. Minimum. (including video explaining the only two ways to do it)


What email do we send it to?


Robin (Mailiac) is an extraordinary skilled online marketing person. He has both invested and helped bMobilized grow their direct sales by 4x in four months. He masters all the aspects from optimizing marketing channels to the full optimization of conversion flow. Sales system, analytics, tracking and drip email marketing. He also revamped and trained both our direct sales team and partner team and implemented new sales procedures which is one of the main reasons for our extreme growth. Highly recommended.

- Bjorn Holte, bMobilized


We've had the privilege to work with some major companies. But we’re much more passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses as there is (almost) always a far greater potential for growth.





What services do you offer? +

We help you grow your business exponentially through consulting. We have a bag of tricks that we know works and we hold you by the hand to implement these tricks in your business. We usually talk on a bi-weekly basis and then communicate via email in between that. The service is always delivered by a consultant who built successful businesses himself.

Who can you help? +

We can help most businesses - especially those who want to leverage the Internet. You must be making 6 figures a month or more in your business though. But we would never take you on as a client if we weren’t completely certain we could help you grow. Set up a free consulting call with us and we’ll show you how exactly we can help.

What is the cost? +

The "cost" is $9860 a month but if you think about it, it really doesn't cost you anything because we will make you much more than that if you are the right fit for us.

What if I have a question before I book a session? +

We would love to answer any questions you may have. Get in contact with us at:


    Gyvelvej 44, Skærbæk, Denmark


    +45 20899400